Crunchyroll #117: New Year’s Cocktails

What a year 2018 has been, amirite? I mean, we had the Olympic Winter Games this year. Black Panther came out this year. I travelled to Japan, Indonesia, and Australia (!!!). I wrote a book (!!!!!). I made MERCH (!!!!!!!!!!!!) (sorta). I got to meet bunches of you guys at Fanime and Crunchyroll Expo, gave some panels, … Continue reading Crunchyroll #117: New Year’s Cocktails


Caprese Salad from Jojo’s Part 4

One of my fondest memories of travelling abroad as a little girl was this fantastic dish I had one night in a restaurant with my parents in Mexico. It was a salad made only of tomatoes and cheese, but the tomatoes were packed with flavor, and the mildness of the cheese paired with the stunning … Continue reading Caprese Salad from Jojo’s Part 4

Pasta Puttanesca from Jojo’s Part 4

Goooood morning! It's a lovely day in my part of the world. Today I'm making pasta puttanesca! I first heard about this type of pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events, where Count Olaf forces the Baudelaire siblings to make dinner for his theater group, and they end up making pasta puttanesca because the ingredients are … Continue reading Pasta Puttanesca from Jojo’s Part 4