Crunchyroll #30: Revenge Cocktail from Lupin III

Learn how to make it here!  ** 2016 had been quite something. I think a lot of people are looking for revenge for the hell that was 2016. Or is that just me? I feel personally victimized by 2016- on the one hand it was a great year personally- I finished writing my first book, … Continue reading Crunchyroll #30: Revenge Cocktail from Lupin III


Pasta Carbonara from Lupin III

Has anyone else been enjoying Lupin III?? It just recently became available with decent English subs, although it came out last year. I wasn't expecting too much- Mine Fujiko is my favorite thing from the Lupin universe, and the pretty typical thief hi-jinks aren't really anything new. However, I've been pleasantly surprised! I love the … Continue reading Pasta Carbonara from Lupin III