Crunchyroll #70: Beef Wellington from Ancient Magus Bride

Learn how to make it here! When Chise arrives in Elias’ home, she is offered an abundance of food. As a food blogger that focuses on anime food, this was very intriguing to me. However, the only thing she really ate was THIS: Advertisements


Crunchyroll #19: Beef Stew from FMA: Brotherhood!

Learn how to make it here. ** We all have foods we don’t like. For example, I hate eggs. This is a fact. It is known. But did you know? Just like a very famous and super cool anime protagonist, I also HATE MILK!!! Dun dun DUUUUUUN.    True story. I’ll drink it with cereal,…

Crunchyroll #14 Beef and Bellpeppers from Cowboy Bebop

Learn how to make it here!  ** Momentous news this past week! Crunchyroll and Funimation have partnered to share anime across platforms, which is honestly a dream come true for me. Nothing annoys me more than having to get like 5 different subscriptions to different media viewing platforms, just to watch the anime I want….