Super Spicy Mega-Monster Udon Challenge From One Punch Man!

Everyone can be a superhero with this mega food challenge! Well, at least you can try. I love One Punch Man, it’s one of my favorite anime this season. So, the minute I saw a trace of food (besides Saitama’s ubiquitous leek in his shopping bag), I was determined to re-create it to the best…


Silver Spoon Skytree Pork Bowl

Since I had a lot of pork leftover from theĀ katsudon, I decided to make perhaps the most porky of all pork dishes in anime- the Skytree Pork Bowl fromĀ Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon). Poor Hachiken must give up his beloved Pork Bowl, but decides to buy all the meat back. While he is smoking the…

Ramen, Two Ways (Based on Naruto and Tatami Galaxy!)

There are two ways to make ramen. Obviously, you could go to the store, buy some ramen, add hot water and a few toppings of your choice and be done with it. This is a great idea if you really hate cooking, or don’t have much time! It’s easy, effective, and gets the job done….